Industrial Royal Blue RDT Nitrile Gloves

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Gloveworks® Industrial Royal Blue Nitrile Gloves stand up to the toughest jobs. They feature Raised Diamond Texture (RDT), which creates 60% more surface area for an exceptional liquid-channeling grip. RDT provides a comfortable fit: fewer contact points with the skin increase airflow and reduce sweating vs. non-textured gloves.

Food Processing





Royal Blue 6-mil Nitrile

Regal Protection

Durable and resistant to punctures, tears, and rips, nitrile gloves protect against grease, pesticides, gasoline, and specialty chemicals. Designed with food processing in mind, they are also a perfect fit for applications from automotive to manufacturing, janitorial to plumbing, paint shop to industrial. GWRBN gloves are touch screen compatible, too.


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Raised Diamond Texture Difference

Top performing gloves, with 60% more surface area and a texture that channels away liquids.

Texture Channels Away Liquids

The diamonds channel away liquids to ensure an excellent grip, wet or dry.


With 60% more surface area, RDT gives you the best gripping power.


Reversed texture on the inside helps air circulate, generating less heat and sweat.

Available in Multiple Colors

All 4 can be used to color code your operations

Key Takeaways

High-performance across numerous industries

Nitrile is the most versatile material

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Nitrile gloves are a
latex-free solution for professionals concerned with latex sensitivity.

Raised diamond

Featuring Raised Diamond Texture (RDT), the ultimate in nitrile performance, with 60% more surface area and a texture that channels away liquids.


Avoids interference with adhesives and inks.


Nitrile vs Latex vs Vinyl

While latex might fit a bit more snug, it has large allergy concerns. Nitrile is recommended for those with latex allergies/sensitivities.

Vinyl is better for lightweight applications and its looser fit is better for frequent glove changes. However, at 5 mil, this glove is nearly double the thickness of the standard vinyl glove. So you can wear this glove for extended duration. Nitrile is more form-fitting than vinyl.


Nitrile material and the 6-mil palm thickness make this glove suitable for more applications than latex or vinyl gloves (of equal or lesser thickness).