Industrial Ivory
Latex Gloves

Product Code: ILHD

Gloveworks® Ivory Latex Gloves are the heavy-duty, industrial-grade disposable glove. At 6mil these durable gloves are twice as thick as the standard latex, but provide exceptional comfort. Double chlorination reduces latex proteins and produces a smooth surface that is suitable for double gloving.







Ivory 6-mil Latex

Heavy Glove, High Comfort

Popular for automotive, janitorial, and such industrial applications as paint shops and printing operations, they also have dozens of uses beyond the workplace from cleaning to repairs. Protection from numerous common and specialty chemicals.


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Durable material for your everyday use

Comfort, Strength, & Durability

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For a superior grip,
wet or dry.

Powder Free

Won’t interfere with
adhesives or inks.


Latex provides the best elasticity, comfort, fit, and dexterity, and, most important, the highest degree of tactile sensitivity.